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Conference Papers

Kang, M., & Kim, G. S. (2023, July). Heavy-tailed linear bandit with Huber regression. In Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (pp. 1027-1036). PMLR.

Kim, G. S., Kim, J. P., & Yang, H. J. (2022). Robust Tests in Online Decision-MakingProceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence36(9), 10016-10024.

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Kim, G. S., & Paik, M. C. (09-15 Jun 2019). Contextual Multi-armed Bandit Algorithm for Semiparametric Reward ModelProceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning97, 3389–3397. PMLR.

Kim, G. S., & Paik, M. C. (2019). Doubly-Robust Lasso BanditAdvances in Neural Information Processing Systems32, 5877–5887.

Journal Papers

Kim, H., Jung, Y.-I., Kim, G.S., Choi, H., & Park, Y.-H. (07 2020). Effectiveness of a Technology-Enhanced Integrated Care Model for Frail Older People: A Stepped-Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial in Nursing Homes. The Gerontologist61(3), 460–469.

Lim, D., Moon, J. A., Koh, Y. J., Ghadi, A. Z., Lee, A., & Lim, H. (2023). Expansion and optimization of ammonia import to the Republic of Korea for electricity generation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 468, 143492.

Choi, J. Y., Kim, K. I., Kim, H., Jung, Y. I., Oh, I. H., Chun, S., Kim, G. S., Lim, J. Y., & Ko, J. Y. (2020). Validation of an integrated service model, Health-RESPECT, for older patients in long-term care institution using information and communication technologies: protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trialBMJ open10(10), e038598.

Yoon, J.I., Kim, G. S. Examining the relative importance of indicators for outdoor recreation setting using visual research methods. The Korean Journal of Physical Education 2020, 59(3): 325-334 (written in Korean)

Kim G-S, Lee Y, Kim H, Paik MC. Cluster-specific nonignorably missing, endogenous, and continuous regressors in multilevel model for binary outcome. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 2020;29(7):1818-1830.

Kim, H., Park, Y. H., Jung, Y. I., Choi, H., Lee, S., Kim, G. S., Yang, D. W., Paik, M. C., Lee, T. J.. Evaluation of a technology-enhanced integrated care model for frail older persons: protocol of the SPEC study, a stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial in nursing homes. BMC Geriatrics 2017, 17(1): 88

Kim, G. S., Paik, M. C., & Kim, H. (2017). Causal inference with observational data under cluster-specific non-ignorable assignment mechanismComputational Statistics & Data Analysis113, 88–99.

Kim, H., Hung, W. W., Paik, M. C., Ross, J. S., Zhao, Z., Kim, G. S., Boockvar, K. (10 2015). Predictors and outcomes of unplanned readmission to a different hospitalInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care27(6), 513–519.



Domestic Conference

Lee, Y., Kim, J., Shin, K., Kang, M., Kwon, Y., Kim, S., Kim, G.S. and Moon, J.H. Causal inference based lifestyle coaching system for thyroid disease patients when Lifestyle Variables are Continuous. 한국통계학회 2023년 하계학술논문발표회(Won the 2nd prize of poster session)

 Kwon, Y., Kang, M., Shin, K., Lee, J., Kim, J., Lee, Y., Kim, G.S. and Moon, J.H(2022). Causal inference based lifestyle coaching system for thyroid disease patients. 춘계 대한의료인공지능학회

Kang, M., Kwon, Y., Shin, K., Lee, J., Kim, J., Lee, Y., Kim, G.S. and Moon, J.H(2022). Causal inference based lifestyle coaching system for thyroid disease patients. 대한산업공학회 춘계학술대회

Kim, J. H., Kwak, J. W., Kim, G .S.. Voice2Code: Automatic Translation System from Natural Language Voice to Programming Language. Proceedings of KIIE 2021 Spring Conference, 5241-5248.

Kim, J. H., Kwon, Y. I., Lee, Y. H., An, B. W., Kim, J. W., Kim, G. S.. Text2SQL: 자연어 Query로 통계데이터에 Aggregation 및 Join 적용하기. The 11th Offical Statistics and Methodology Symposium, Statistics Korea, Poster Paper.